Friday, September 30, 2011

Don’t Re-Position Brand Facing Number One

So you’re not as cool or popular as the number one player. Your sales are down. Your appeal is down. You’re so dull no one gives a #^$& if you got Jennifer Lopez as a client. I don’t claim to have all the answers but my advice to anyone considering repositioning their brand. Don’t position your brand almost identical to the major players because they have certain strengths you can’t match. Don’t set out to be Pepsi-Cola when you could be Hamburger-Cola (if you can create a cola that taste like hamburger, I might try it). One could easily go head to head with FaceBook but who needs another identical Facebook.

Google wasn’t the first search engine and it sure didn’t set out to be like Yahoo or MSN search. Google just did its thing regardless who was first or who might copy. Eventually another thing will replace Google and Google will be like Yahoo and Yahoo will hopefully be bought out by FaceBook which Microsoft will then manage.

No matter how brave you are, you don’t fight a heavy weight in a boxing rink. You take him to the tracks and you race him. MCI vs AT&T

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