Friday, September 30, 2011

The Power of Marketing Focus - BJ Mannyst Sponsored


For all the Founders Under 40™ Group members, GreatestFounders™ Members, Freelancers, Founders, CEOs and Business Owners out there, great marketing talent, development, and execution is more critical now than ever. If a company like R.I.M can not win some marketing battles against Apple, then what would a company with no marketing clout accomplish?

Accomplish very little and depending on other factors such as industry. Companies like Apple, Nike, Intel and P&G set the bar pretty high. They are like Kobe Bryant, he might dominate today but that doesn’t mean he stops working on his game.

Marketing focus requires unwavering discipline to find an opening in the market and mind of the consumer. As you know, the mind is crowded with so many brands. And in order to increase a brands success, it must step up focus. Many TV networks are starting to realize the fragmented audiences so they’ve created more specialty channels. Companies are choosing to be either: Low or High-end, Hispanics or Asians, Traditional or Rebellious, etc. It seems like it’s the end for the middle ground?

So what I recommend companies or brands do is to stop reaching the whole market, you can’t have your brand appeal to the young and turn around with a campaign to reach young professionals. Each target needs a different approach and possibly a new offering. 


A narrow focus also requires a narrow focus name and tag. BJ Mannyst could try to do products or really expensive marketing services but we focus on service businesses, inexpensive-quality, business advice, no nonsense, and we’re not afraid to take on new tactics. And plus we’ve got strategic partnership with Founders Under 40 Group, GTA SM BD and others. 

So less is a lot more, be narrow focused first then diversify, take a page from Wal-Mart. There’s Wal-Mart and there’s Sam’s Club. There’s Lady Gaga and there’s Celine Dion. 

You don’t get marketing focus overnight. It’s step by step. I’m always learning and improving my focus.

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