Thursday, March 21, 2013

What is Marketing Automation?


Marketing automation is to automate the repetitive process of marketing communications. Instead of manual time consuming processes, Marketing Automation tools enable you in creating sophisticated, efficient and attractive marketing campaigns. These systems enhance the planning and deployment of marketing campaigns to generate better leads and profits as compare to any manual marketing processes. This supporting technology is the optimization of all complex and time consuming marketing activities i.e. lead management, campaign planning & execution and CRM integration. A typical marketing automation solution contains the following functionalities:

Key Benefits for your Company:
Following are the major benefits of Marketing Automation Software:
  • Development and Deployment of email marketing campaign
  • Repetitive marketing task automation
  • To create and maintain a database for possible and potential prospects / customers
  • Easy integration with customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Best for small business environment
  • Help your company in increasing productivity, generating better leads and reducing cost.
  • Enable users in performing difficult and lengthy processes of lead management such as lead scoring, lead nurturing and CRM integration
  • Increase ROI on sale and reduce cost.
One of the major benefits of marketing automation software is that your company can use it in various methods to fulfill their requirements. But typically, you can use it for creating, implementing, managing and assessing complex marketing campaigns.

Does my company need marketing automation tools?
Your company needs marketing automation tools because it enables you in formulating new methods to gain prospects by tracking & monitoring the progress of marketing communications. These tools generate graphical and statistical information related to marketing processes and track the customer activities i.e. number of times customers view a product and purchase the product. Such information helps you in compiling data and making “smarter” decisions regarding setting marketing trends and promotion campaigns.

Marketing automation systems facilitate in creating and managing customers’ profiles and other customers’ activities data. These supporting tools will assist your company in analyze customer’s personal data, track & monitor prospects and maintain transactions history of each customer. Moreover, it enables you in targeting wider class of audience for generating lead and better sale.
Marketing automation tools enable your company to track customer email related activities i.e. open or delete a promotion email. These tools also helps you in customizing and personalizing email marketing campaigns by placing companies name and logos in email body.
Marketing automation systems assist you in improving campaign plans, marketing budgets, marketing communications, customer relationship and marketing assets (i.e. paper and electronic media).

What do I gain from Integrating CRM with marketing automation System?
Many business organizations have only CRM systems but they don’t know how to increase sale and marketing productivity by utilizing large amount of data accumulated in their CRM. Integrating CRM with Marketing Automation System helps in increasing profit, making smarter decisions and reducing sales cycle. The major benefit of having CRM functionalities with Marketing Automation System is to gather information automatically about customers’ activities, preferences and purchasing habits. Using this information you can implement unique and effective marketing strategies such as email auto responder, multi channel marketing campaigns and automated lead nurturing. Following are the key benefits of integrating CRM with marketing automation system:

Lead Management:
Integrating marketing automation with CRM enables you to manage leads through proper tools & techniques. Lead management is a vital marketing process that enables you in generating leads and tracking sales opportunities. Marketing campaigns and promotions activities are the primary steps in gaining prospects. However, you must efficiently nurture your leads so that they develop to potential buyers. Integrating CRM with marketing automation tools facilitate you in managing following lead steps:
  • Lead generation is capturing of customers response for products or services through a variety of sources i.e. campaigns, brand promotions, phone calls, branding, etc.
  • Lead Distribution helps you in creating a workforce rule to assign leads to resources.
  • Lead Qualification enables you to separate list of ready sales lead with general inquires.
  • Lead Conversions enables you to convert your lead to potential accounts.
List Management:
Integrating Marketing automation tool with CRM helps you in managing and organizing subscriber lists.  Moreover, it also facilitates in monitoring and tracking of un-subscribers details.
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