Thursday, November 7, 2013

Women Can Never Win Equal Equality if Yoga Pants & Miley Cyrus Are Around

Women and girls want to be what guys want them to be. To be desirable by men, a woman must give some hint of sexuality regardless of her intelligence. To get ahead or be asked out, showing a little “skin’ doesn’t hurt. I think the continuous rise of the yoga pants and Miley Cyrus provocative performance will stop women from reaching position of power, wealth, and influence.

I personally enjoy the yoga pants..I think it brings out the inner & outer beauty of a woman : ). In the right hand or on the right body & mind, it is a weapon.

When it comes to full equality for women, I’m going to have to blame the yoga pant craze and Miley Cyrus for halting women’s progress.

The yoga pants are suppose to boost a woman's body image confidence but what it fails to do is reduce the number of insecure women. Insecurity is a b$^#& on a woman. Some guys know how to exploit women’s insecurities and some guys find that’s the most scary thing about a woman.

Miley Cyrus & yoga pants are either creating more insecure girls or savvy women or very happy men or miserable relationships . In the long run women cannot reach equal equality. 

Why? Men don’t have to sexualize themselves to gain power, wealth, and influence. A woman has to however she decides how far she takes it. Oprah Winfrey , Martha Stewart, Lady Gaga did it. It is the nature of a woman to be a desirable sexual creature., blame God for that.

I’m no expert on women but I do love women. I’ve seen women come in diverse packages. There are plenty of stories of women going on dates only so the guy can pay & dine her at a five star restaurant. Girls flirting and using their sexuality to increase their commission. There are women that will have an emotional breakdown if you don’t tell them you love them everyday. There are independent women that believe they don’t have a need for a man. There are down-to-earth women.

From a guy who loves women, ---girls & women be yourself enjoy your yoga pants, Miley Cyrus, body, mind, sexuality & be liberated to choose how you live your life. 

We guys are simple creatures, ....I bet a guy invented the yoga pant : ) A marketing genius, a win-win-win!!!! product.

 P.S. If you women:
  • love your body, mind, love yourself in your yoga pants 
  • have awesome -full clothed, appropriate pics, 
  • 18+ and don’t mind sharing it with the world, 
  • Have some great stories, tips, ideas, for other women 
  • Go to , click forum , scroll down to topic “Women & Their Yoga Pants” , & share stories, & pics


1 comment:

  1. I agree women are free to decide how they should live their lives. Why don't men face these social problems?





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