Thursday, November 7, 2013

BJ Mannyst: 44 Quick Marketing Tips For Upcoming Black Friday & Holiday Season



FU40 Group + BJ Mannyst (marketing service provider) is proud to offer founders, SMB some inspiring ideas to help with sales this holiday season. For full marketing service by BJ Mannyst  + FU40 Group, please visit
First of all, remember the days below and if your are fully prepared these are some quick ideas to give you are chance. Key US Holiday Period. *Remember as a consumer and business owner be very alert during these times. Also make sure to take steps to protect your reputation and customers well being.

  • Thanksgiving Promotional Period  Nov/20 – Nov/22 
  • Black Friday Promotional Period   Nov/15 – Nov/25 
  • Cyber Week Promotional Period  Nov/23 – Nov/29 
  • Cyber Monday Promotional Period  Nov/25 – Nov/27 
  • Christmas Promotional Period  Nov/29 – Dec/25 
  • New Year’s Period   Dec/26 – Jan/06


  • 1. Look for new niches and customer segments  to offer your products and services to
  • 2. Send people to different landing pages and test the effectiveness
  • 3. Test different layouts, different words, images, different calls to action.
  • 4. Create great content focused on your strength or might be invaluable to your prospects
  • 5. Hire someone to go to events to talk about your products like an ambassador
  • 6. Build relationships and reconnect with other business owners or professionals
  • 7. Develop holiday time business network partners and come up with a tag team plan
  • 8. Everyone you meet -- be very nice to them and tell them about your business
  • 9. Form relationship with individuals with lots of friends and contacts
  • 10. Find out what you or your business offers that others cant. can help with helping discover your uniqueness.
  • 11. Send your best customers hand written letter to remind them of your relationship
  • 12. By providing great content you are becoming a trusted contact. Send updates on industry news that may be beneficial to your can help with content strategies.
  • 13. Offer to partner with your customers to put together an event or seminar.
  • 14. Listen to your customers and you might learn something about how to better help them. can help with fine-tuning the messages into action.
  • 15. Use testimonials from some of your customers and put them up
  • 16. Send postcards instead of promotional letters so others can see it
  • 17. Submit a press release or blog post for a new product, promotion or milestone.
  • 18. Offer your service or product as a prize instead of cash
  • 19. Find the likely concentration of your targets and handout flyers, business cards
  • 20. Offer some free consultation, free gift, free product Demonstration
  • 21. Start a cross promote with other businesses that target your market.
  • 22. Exclusive discount to a target group
  • 23. Exclusive pricing to a specific club
  • 24. Send your best customers to the movies
  • 25. Place balloons, holiday decorations outside of your store or try something bold. can help with outside the box tactics.
  • 26. Hold an event outside your store.
  • 27. Special samples or refreshments in your store.
  • 28. Use your your voice mail to advertise your special promotions
  • 29. Sponsor an event.
  • 30. Donate to a charity.
  • 31. Wear shirts, hats or other items with your logo or business slogan.
  • 32. Create a better store sign or logo. can help with image design and digital image.
  • 33. Offer to do something bold and funny for charity if you reach a goal before the holidays
  • 34. Quickly learn what worked last year
  • 35. Identify which emails worked best and determine which variables led to success.
  • 36. Find the winning subject lines from last year and analyze it
  • 37. Minimize stress, by preparing back-up promotions or variations on what isn’t working. This could mean switching from a dollar discount to percentage off or including free shipping, a free gift, or a gift card with the existing offer.
  • 38. Sending too many messages to your subscribers could result in increased un-subscriptions and abuse complaints which may lead to your mailings being blocked.
  • 39. Determine which mailings in your communication plan would be good candidates.
  • 40. Set a time limit for groups or individuals who are not engaged subscribers or too your messages and has shown no interest and start cleaning.
  • 41. Make sure you have the best and right person to manage your online community. can help with online community management.
  • 42. If your plan is to improve your branding strategy. can help.
  • 43. Just looking for that competitive advantage or marketing boost. can help with getting your message to business founders, entrepreneurs.
  • 44. If you need more marketing ideas and advice, check out the founder of Founders Under 40’s blog.

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