Thursday, January 9, 2014

BJ Mannyst & Founders Under 40 Group: Best Outsourcing Marketing Tips For 2014

You think marketing is challenging today. In the next few years it will be tricky. We’ll figure out how to communicate, engage, sell, promote better however what we will always encounter is the human nature. For example, sure today everyone likes Apple iPhone but with-time iPhone’s strengths will become a turn off. Think BlackBerry as well.

So what’s that got to do with outsourcing your marketing. Well it simply means having multiple outside and inside perspective , access to upcoming marketing trends, seeking innovation, marketing fundamental are some key ways to keep up. That’s what outside marketing service providers like BJ Mannyst ( provide. We have to stay on top of our game.

IBM has predicted that ROI will be the leading metric for CMOs to measure success by 2015. We believe better ROI will come from better use and analysis of data but we remind fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, executives human nature has not changed much.

Add other factors as fierce competition, limited resources, limited expertise, time, legal, people, influence , poor planning & execution and you begin to see why marketing is becoming more demanding than a CEO role.

With just a little help, small & medium service companies can ease the stress and pressures. By outsourcing some of their marketing initiative to an experienced partner or seeking advise from, like BJ Mannyst, entrepreneurs, managers or organization can focus on their strengths.

Common typical questions : 

What is “Marketing Outsourcing”?

A: Partnering with a outside person or organization to assist you in achieving your goals. Sort of like hiring a marketing team without the overhead cost.

Why should I outsource my marketing?

A: 1)Too small or just starting or internal staff are inexperienced. 2) No time to plan and implement 3) Desire for diverse perspective 4)Evaluate current marketing programs 5) Fix problems 6) Not so important tasks 7) Other

Do we have to outsource all of our marketing activities, or can we outsource just part of them?

A: It’s up to you. Find out what you can do inside your organization and delegate the rest to outside experts.

I have a salesperson, why should I outsource my marketing?

A: Think of this way. local car retailers have salespeople but yet they spend millions on advertising. It’s because marketing needs to attract the right prospect sand salespeople need to help the prospect make the right decision.

I have a marketing genius, why should I outsource marketing to providers like BJ Mannyst?

A: The truth is marketing is always evolving and changing. Same with technology. And most SMB marketing internal staff have admitted that they can’t manage & implement everything well.

What should I look for when outsourcing my SMB marketing?

A: Look for fit. It’s no different from hiring for an internal position. Look for critical skills, experience is helpful but you can always train the right outside help as long as they get your business. Talk to others, check out their previous work, look them up on linkedin, visit their sites, blog etc.

What are the solutions available?

A: There are all kinds and many service providers. So read a lot of business magazines and visit well known business website.

Details of BJ Mannyst marketing solutions are on their site,

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