Monday, January 6, 2014

BJ Mannyst & Founders Under 40™ Group: Improve Relationships Tips 2014

A lot of times, founders think their business & personal relationship management is great when in fact it’s just average. Our relationships are average because we are dealing with people and people come in different shapes & sizes. So we decided to look up ways founders could improve their relationships and share some tips..

What Relationships Need: To have healthy and mutually beneficial relationships, respect, unselfishness, trust, rapport, some common interest or purpose that binds you & them, healthy consistent contact over time (pace yourself).

Be Helpful: You generally know what you want from work and outside environment. Most times if you help someone get what they want you will eventually get what you want. Remember to give & take responsibly. 

Offer Relevant and Mutually Beneficial Introductions: This is the least expensive ways to maintain relationships. Share insights from credible experts or sources, links to events, share each others blog post or article that’s mutually beneficial. If one party isn’t equally making an effort then you can decide whether to reduce your efforts.

Figure Out What Type of Relationships: Relationships come in different shapes and sizes. First, take the time to know yourself better. Second, no relationship will ever meet all your needs so have some variety. 

  • That Fellow - You know each other on a general level, roles however nothing more develops. No one has interest to explore any further relationships.
  • Guardian Coach - Someone much experience or older takes time to help others grow. Usually this is a win-win if it is conducted on a healthy & clear purpose. 
  • Unconditional Praise - Usually any relationship in this area is simply based on caring & support. They are the ones who will encourage you, council you, defend you, and usually done because they care about you as a person. 
  • Look-up To - Someone whose example, action, and achievement has some influence on you. It’s sort of like a close role-model. 
  • Knowledgeable - This person is your best listener, best communicator and likely exposed to diverse resources or information. They enjoy sharing information to assist you in growing.
  • Friends - Is simply striking the right balance of everything above. You look out for each other.
  • Romance - Is simply striking the right balance of everything above. You look out for each other. Plus, the pleasures and pain of sex & love.
  • Irritant: Someone who just irritates you some how or whose personality clashes with yours. Some times these relationships help you become a better & stronger person. Sometimes it’s hell. So the best solution is find the good in them, ignore them or get away from them.
 Now that you have a good idea of relationship types, let us remind you that relationships require effort. Some extra ideas for managing relationship.

  • Keep people posted about what you are up to and inquire about what they are working on or accomplished. 
  • The key is to Stay top of mind always. It’s a lot easier to reconnect with others if you kept up your staying in touch. However not everyone is going to fit into relationship criteria but the best thing is to make sure it’s nothing shallow like whether they are popular or not. 
  • Thank God for email. Email can be part of your inexpensive arsenal of staying in touch weapons. 
  • Use social media wisely. Talk to them where they frequent , recommend them, endorse them, relevant comment on their discussions,. 
  • Find your own ways to be visible. Whether it’s volunteering, sponsorship, donations, promotions, advice, storytelling, listening, online post, etc. 
  • Everyone should have a blog if you want to grow personally because it pushes you to keep learning. 
    What are other ways to build better relationships? We welcome your comments here and on linkedin.

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