Thursday, March 19, 2015

Part 2 - Sorry...Email Marketing Really Has No Future

Some great email marketing insights was recently brought to my attention by the guys at Dun & Bradstreet (business credit report provider). Email marketing insight that could help your SMB or startup business email marketing initiative which will then help me and many others from receiving email bombardment and irrelevant email messages. And likely keep email marketing alive for a couple more years and help you get a better ROI.

The response from part 1 of “Sorry...Email Marketing Really Has No Future” was unbelievable. The response continues to trickle in. And like always you are welcome to add to the discussion as long as it’s not self-promotional, links, plugs, irrelevant etc.

Thank You To BJ Mannyst™ (marketing service provider) Founders Unders 40™ Group for sponsoring part 2. Thank you to the founders community for their kind support.

Further Email Marketing Effectiveness Tips:

Acquiring email addresses is relatively easy and I bet many of you business owners and founders are sitting on at least 10,000 email addresses. Some through permission and some through mining, buying, or partnerships.

Whatever the case, I’ll share with you a better way to be more effective.

Note: I or the BJ Mannyst Team do not specialize in email marketing however the tips provided are compiled through outside experts. Also, please seek professional advice if needed.

  • No business transaction takes place without trust and accountability. Don’t spam.
  • No business transaction takes place if you lack respect for customers, prospects and employees
  • Everyone likes receiving email from a best friend so consider presenting your email like a best friend...less IBM and more Hey Buddy.
  • Instead of talking about your services, try finding out what’s happening in their world
  • Be upfront with people about your intentions
  • Empathize with people
  • Work on building and nurturing relationships
  • Say it with fewer words
  • If you have a personality, show it somehow
  • Make them feel better after reading your email
  • Write like you are having a conversation with one person
  • Make sure it’s significantly valuable to the person if not don’t waste everyone’s time
  • If you have permission to contact someone, you can get a significantly better response

Find ways to segment the huge email list into smaller groups

  • Find out through you internal data system or other sources ways to differentiate their needs, preference, desires, challenges, past email correspondence, past purchase, values, etc
  • Find out when the customer purchased something or when was the last time the prospect engage you?
  • How often do they buy from you or how often do they initiate engagement (online, email, phone, txt, face-to-face)? Note: The more often someone buys and engages you the more you want to continue to communicate or assist.
  • How much did the customer spend or how much is the prospect planning to spend?
Now that you’ve broken 10000 email to small groups, you need to develop a game plan for each group. For example: what messages or offers goes to group A?, How often do I contact group C?

In others words, spend a lot more time with people likely to buy. Spend time being there when others are not really ready.

If you don’t incorporate some of the above tips, and continue to blast random people, you are going to get less response because most people will think your email is irrelevant, they will not respond and your email will end-up in the blocked pile.

If you can integrate your email, CRM, inventory, purchase history, social media, etc into one central unit then you could also improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

So please use these tips so you don’t have to send me email I don’t give a damn about.

 ***For further marketing assistance or discussion, contact BJ Mannyst

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