Saturday, April 11, 2015

Complexity Killed The Dinosaurs: Wal-Mart, McDonald, Cities, & Your Start-up

Maybe these companies are not dead yet or maybe your business is just starting, however based on current trends it appears gigantic is no longer sexy. It appears creatures as complex and superior in size like dinosaurs, if they had managed to survive the asteroid impact, would not have lived very long because they still required so much resources to sustain themselves. ---Very little room to be lean-fighting-machines. Very little room to function on peanuts much less complexity.
Just as dinosaurs, who once ruled this planet, went extinct. The future of giant organizations, giant cities and some institutions are very dire because many are littered with layers-upon-layers of inefficiencies and complexity.

In business & in personal life, the digital age is making life simpler and at the same time making life significantly complicated. So complicated that it can drive executives, cmos, staffs crazy.

["Wal-Mart Stores Inc. executives have a simple solution for strengthening their position in the retail landscape. Keep things simple.

Both Wal-Mart U.S. President and CEO Greg Foran and Wal-Mart U.S. Chief Operating Officer Judith McKenna pointed to a simplified approach as key to improving the retailer's domestic performance. Multiple challenges face Wal-Mart as it competes with other retail and grocery chains and online retailers.

Not getting overwhelmed by it all is critical, McKenna said during a recent presentation with investors and analysts.

"Retail isn't rocket science, but sometimes it's easy to get distracted by the number of things that are going on," McKenna said."]

In my opinion, the complexity of a company’s operation can either be a blessing or major drag on profit, consumer and employees happiness. In the past few weeks I have looked into complexity in business. I have learned there are ways to capitalize from it and there are ways to reduce it.

I hope you will embrace the following tips and for further in-depth insight, an ebook on simplicity is also on its way before end of April 2015.

Some Tips:

  • One of the critical thing will be to embrace complexity that customers will pay for such as the customization of a cup of coffee, sandwich or an Apple iWatch which was transformed from ordinary to a gold Apple iWatch..

  • If your complexity isn’t in place making you money then it becomes a waste of resources such has having ten flavors of energy drinks when you have two very popular and profitable flavors.

  • If the process in your internal operation, development, are littered with inefficiencies then do something about it because competition for customers, top talent will become fiercer. 

  • One key thing to remember, is to always add value and reduce the things that aren’t adding value. (just make sure you and your organization are clear on the definition of value).
    ?Keep complexity at a minimal cost 

  • Make it a regular habit to assess your processes and operation daily

  • Be open to listen to your front-line staff for ideas to improve processes and performance.

For Wal-Mart and many others, one critical complexity is their strong desire to eliminate unnecessary work. Another, is the endless desire and pressure to grow as big as dinosaurs. Everyone, including founders, has to decide whether growth & complexity would be best thing for their organization or not.

[“Our business is driven by keeping things simple and being able to deliver in a fast and efficient manner,” says a McDonald’s franchisee in the Southwest (USA) interviewed by the Journal. “So the more complexity you bring into the system, the more challenges you’ll have,” he says” - About McDonald & Franchisees]

***Look forward to our new ebook about business simplicity today and tomorrow. For further assistant and to get a free consultation, contact BJ Mannyst   
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