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What I Learned & Maybe You Could Learn Nothing : )

New Series: What I Learned This Week In. . .

After helping to finish our most recent eBook, “The Art of Simple-Sustainable Marketing in 2015, 2020, & Beyond - Part 1 & 2” (now available), Part 3 (exclusive to Founders Under 40™ Group members or by request), I came to the conclusion that aspects of the eBook will be forever helpful to some but there’s no doubt within 6 months a disruptive technology will change things again. So for some fun, found some interesting things  and put it all together for marketers, founders, small medium business owner. If you have anything to add, feel free to comment. what did I learn, maybe this might be a regular thing  : )  :

Should I Turn My Business Into a Dominating Global Sports Association like Business?

I’m starting to realize more and more that business with the right economics, little to no direct competition is the way to go. I’ve seen my fair share of businesses start only to be disrupted in less than a year.  So this week FIFA desperately sought my attention and mad me say, “Sh$&#*, that’s a s$&%*#@ load of money. “ So if you ever thought how does sports associations or FIFA make money? 

[Here's a closer look at FIFA by the numbers:
?FIFA made $5.7 billion in revenue in the four years leading up to the 2014. World Cup. Last year alone, it racked up $2 billion in revenue, but it was the big event in Brazil that boosted its books.
?World Cup: The 2014 event drew an impressive $2.6 billion profit for FIFA. It culminated in final between Germany and Argentina. which FIFA said was watched, at least in part, by one billion people.
?Media rights: The sale of television rights generated a big chunk -- $2.4 billion
?Ticket sales: Ticketing rights to the most recent World Cup added another $527 million.
?FIFA counted six blue-chip companies as major sponsors in the four years to 2014: Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Emirates, Sony , and Visa. Emirates and Sony did not renew their contracts at the end of last year.

Are Ad Campaigns Dead?

The following was what caught my attention and reminded me that the idea of campaigns or specically marketing campaigns might be over. It’s always effective to extend your message, what problem your product solves because we all know nothing usually sticks to a consumers mind unless multiple impressions over extended periods has been allocated. For example , you see an ad for Toyota on television and then next day you see a Toyota advertisement on YouTube.

We are facing a world where your brand cannot be the center of attention. We are in a world where you make your consumers the center, you make them a part of your story, you make consumers tell the story and how your product played a role. What’s crazy thing about this idea or effort, is that’s it ROI is unpredictable just as a big budget movie doesn’t guarantee blockbuster hit. The great thing is that it’s as simple as carring a conversation over longer periods and not like make a movie and wait 6 months to reengage your fans. 

“For the brands that do it best, it’s a conversation that never stops, that is constantly building on itself and moving in different directions” - Doug R

For More Great Marketing Inspirations, check out Emmanuel “Manny” Omikunle’s, Founder of Founders Under 40 Group + Associate at BJ Mannyst new eBook.

Is Marketing Planning Still Important?

I’m sure many startups, and small medium businesses are adviced to write a business plan however I sometimes wonder, once it’s written does anyone revisit it or update it?

It’s going to continue to be difficult to have a marketing plan, in the rest of the 21st century, go exactly to plan in a fast changing world. And sometimes what seems to occur within SMB is taking on an opportunity with the exact same culture and personality that brought you success in the past. And never occurs if this is an opportunity that requires a whole new way of thinking.

For example GM entered the the electric car industry with a gas car culture and personality and marketing. Never stopping to think to allow that division to be it’s own. Tesla is managing to sell cars not so much with a dealers approach and more like an Apple Store approach. What I would add, is the need to give SMB a soul, a special attribute because whatever you sell, I know I can easily get it from someone else. Finding a way to be a little extra special.

Is It Still People Not Brands?

This is a reminder to everyone and to myself. No matter how global your brand is, people are still using people as assessment leading towards their purchasing decision. For example, have you ever noticed that you will sometimes avoid a coffee shop, with same brand name lets call it “Starbucks”, just so you can go to the one with the funny hot barrister who seems to make you smile? Or a restaurant that always has the entire staff make sure feel like the head of state. We live in a world where if people don’t like you they will not do business with you. And relationship on LinkedIn doesn’t really translate to business relationship offline.

Can I Use My Face To Advertise?

Technology or automatize marketing or SEO or Word ads or Billboards is not the only way to generate leads or create awareness. It sometimes the most boring and non-technological things that help create better ROI from marketing. Sometimes take old technology and find new use for it. Take a old IBM computer and put it on ceiling in your restaurant. It will start a conversation and word of mouth will travel. Creative potential is unlimited however making it relevant is hard-work.

Hiring Journalist To Help With content?

We live in a world were everyone thinks content is king. That’s a load of garbage. Content is everywhere and being produced by billions of people all around the world. Newspapers are struggling to make profit from content. Hollywood movie studios are losing money from illegal downloads or other ways. Tell me is that a king? Don’t get me wrong I’m not discouraging content for business or lead generation or etc. Just know it’s not the answer to all our ills. So when Snapchat [“the ephemeral photo-messaging app is gearing up to publish its own video news coverage: The company is looking to hire "political junkies and news aficionados" with experience in journalism,” ] I said sure that's okay politics can be entertaining, for creditworthy, quality and professionalism journalist is the way to go. However I’m reminded that the best content experience are usually produced imperfect ordinary people doing what they love.

Do I Need to Become a Billionaire To Be A Pioneer of Space?

[”Space may be the final frontier, but according to the pesky 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty, celestial bodies may not be claimed for any particular country. But what about the things on the celestial bodies—specifically the things that can be sold for lots of money? The SPACE act, which would authorize American companies to keep whatever they mine from asteroids, has just passed in the House of Representatives. If you can mine it, American business will come.”]
Space in the next decades will be a gold rush. High risk and high reward if you can get in early.

Are My Wives Personalities Effecting My Success Potential?

That’s always a good question to ask, regardless of the relationship. Is the person I’m with holding me back or are we making each other better?
[” Who you marry doesn't affect just your happiness at home -- your spouse can also play a major role in your career prosperity, according to new research from Washington University in St. Louis. This study, published in Psychological Science, discovered that it's not only your personality that matters when it comes to achievement. Your spouse's personality also affects your workplace success.”  ”Spouses who can truly help advance your career go beyond simply encouraging you to ask for that raise or apply for that new job. Instead, career success relies heavily on having a spouse who keeps life outside of work operating smoothly for the long haul.]

[If you're not yet married -- and you're ambitious about your career endeavors -- a potential mate's conscientiousness may be worth considering. If you're already married and you're concerned that your spouse's personality isn't exactly advancing your professional life, don't run out and get a divorce with the hope of benefiting your career. Most of the research shows the stress of divorce causes decreased productivity for about five years.”]

Congrats To Mr. Dwayne Johnson’s Success?

Yes, the Actor, also known as “The Rock” became a world record holder, of rapid-fire selfie-taking.
[According to Guinness World Records, Johnson set a new record last week for the most selfies taken in three minutes. The actor reportedly took a whopping 105 selfies with fans at the London premiere of “San Andreas” to achieve the title.”]  Good healthy fun. I would love to break a record someday. I currently have 67 wives and 23 girlfriends not sure if that’s a record.

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