Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This Game Is Broken. Why Don’t We Fix It?

Is it because we are pussys?

There’s a level of dissatisfaction in the current game of life, specifically with current capitalism. Many of us grow tired of a game we dreadfully play. You might be working at a well respected organization in your city, doing a job you love, getting paid a huge amount of money, which allows you buy the cool toys at the Apple Store, take that dream trip to a Caribbean island, and even have money left over to pay your mortgage. One thing though, you are on your third married, and your soul feels empty?

You could take a chance and get out of a miserable job, unethical industry, and toxic relationships but like the stability and are afraid of being alone.

You could be a veteran lawyer, teacher, mechanic, doctor, banker, police office, fireman, venture capitalist, a manger of a non-profit organization, professor, a student, a drug addict...some how you and many manage to accept the same old f$%&& problems because we need to take care of our needs.


Hopefully every individual wakes up to a day, when every additional toy, new gadget, shoes, tv, car only adds just a tiny addition to happiness.

Hey retailers, God forbid consumers stop spending less and sharing more and looking out for each other.

This is no pot smoking---tree hugging shit. This is fucking fix this shit today.

Change and Technology is not going away, and if you see whats coming down the pipeline might want to fix capitalism quickly. The video below is meant to start a global conversation and help founders, individuals to take on bigger world challenges..


Some areas to look into to solve problems:

Rapid urbanization
Energy production and storage.
Financial systems
Changing demographic
Mental health
Political systems
Monetary systems
Affordable health care
Diversity at all levels
Water use & treatment,
Resource recovery
Waste management
Education in the traditional and non-traditional
Space exploration
Efficient manufacturing
Jobs and upward mobility
Natural disaster management
Applied augmented reality
Affordable broadband internet
Online & Offline security
Finding quality friends, quality love, mentors and business partners

Our Final Note

So as 2016 begins to boot -up, my fellow founders and Founders Under 40™ Group members, it is critical that we don’t go on trying to simply pursue our dreams on the current systems. We should hopefully take the time to understand how the gears of the world works, from all sides, so maybe we can make improvements to it.

We are at a crucial junction in the world, where most are not fully benefiting from capitalism and the social fabrics of our lives are changing.

Founders Under 40™ Group is not anti-globalization, anti-capitalism, anti-government, anti-trade. We just know that the current system needs immediate improvement that works not for a very few and does consider social & environment impact.

And we also know that people need to dedicate themselves to lifetime improvement as well.


If you are looking to solve a social or economic or other problem consider this TIP below and also look up other Tips. Keywords: “Pitch Deck”, “Business Plan”

1.The Problem ---Take the time to undertand the problem from all angels. Lets say you’d like to reduce the number of abandoned pets. You might visit pet shelters, read up on material from creditable sources, talk to former pet owners to find out why they gave up their pets, etc

2.The Solution ---If you manage to come up with a several possible solution, take the time to test them or ask the intended user to provide feedback. Then gradually narrow it down to one and begin to develop MVP (minimum viable product) that addresses the pain. Important to be adding value.

3.The Customers ---List who is this solution for? Who are the users? How big is target or market?

4.The Partners --- Who would be a great partner and ally? Would they find the association beneficial? Are there risks or conflicts? What are their decision process?

5.The Business Model ---The game of business or not-for-profit requires resources. So how do you obtain the resources to start, develop, sustain your business / initiate?

6.The Key Activities ---What task or activities do we need to do so we can achieve our goals? What do we need to have? What needs to be done?

7.The Team ---What are you willing to contribute? Who is responsible for what? Who is knowledgeable in what area? Who do we need to get?

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