Thursday, May 12, 2016

8 Years Later, I Finally Read Jessica Livingston's book “Founders at Work : Stories of Startups’ early days “ - A Must Read

This is a book published in 2008 and I’m sure was a good hit when it came out. I had come across it many times over the years and had taking a glimpse at it for free at major book stores however never bothered to buy or read it till this month, May of 2016.

Not sure the main reason for this strong urge to finally read it...maybe because I’m always thinking about founders, life of a founder, how do I help others who aren’t as exposed to the entrepreneurial energy  or environments....It might have been a force.

For those of you who don’t know Jessica Livington (@jesslivingston)...I've included her bio which was in her book.

“Jessica Livingston founded Y Combinator in 2005 with Paul Graham, Robert
Morris, and Trevor Blackwell. Y Combinator developed a new approach to venture
funding: to fund startups in batches, giving them just enough money to get
started, working closely with them to refine their ideas, and then introducing
them to later stage investors for further funding. In three years they have
funded more than 100 startups. “ 

To me personally, hearing the name Y Combinator makes me want to run the other way. I have been told they provide an invaluable resource however can’t say I’m a fanatic fan. I do admire her effort and the accomplishments.

It took me a few days to finish it. So now that I’ve read the “Founders at Work : Stories of Startups’ early days “  book. - I would say it’s a must read for founders around the world. From the founder/co-founders in Africa to the founders in South America. Any age group.  Any ethnicity. Any genders or sexual orientation.

For me I’ve read books about successful and significant companies and people from an individual profile book but to have so many insights in one book is an invaluable resource.

Final thoughts, The big question is would I (@thebestmannyo) recommend it to other founders or to the 35,000 members of Founders Under 40™ Group??

For the Generation A, Z, Y, X of Founders Under 40™ Group members, I would strongly recommend this book. If Jessica is reading this, When are you coming out with an update?  

Contact me and I’ll send you my digital copy

***I & the FU40 Group team are not endorsing Jessica or Y Combinator

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