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UPDATED How Founders Can Have A Meaningful & High Achievers Life - Founders Under 40™ Group Sponsor

Have you ever stopped to think how do the great ones like Ratan Tata, Liu Chuanzhi (Lenovo Founder), Gisele Bundchen, Zica Assis, Will Smith, Tom Brady, Rihanna, Marilyn Monroe,and many athlete, actors, producers, musicians, business people, continue to excel? And yet the rest of the world’s population come across like insignificant ants. It could be the genes, the environment, the fear of failure? Maybe it is simply they liked been winners?

I’m not sure if it is winning at any cost, winning by being ruthless, winning by burning bridges, practicing, . . .what ever the reason that made them so successful. I would think you, I and every other founder can steal some tips or tricks from them because the fact remains not winning in life truly sucks.

Suckiness is like eating spoiled lemons all your life and never turning those bitter-spoiled lemons into tasteful lasting lemonade. I believe the key to winning in anything in this life is to get the right ingredients. 

Some Tips Below. . .

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Always Be Planting Good Seeds. Your life and many other peoples’ lives is like a roller-coaster without ever knowing the design of the structure but fortunately we have some influence over it. . . the climbs or the banks and in some way the outcome. Many of us achieve that by deliberately planting the right seeds which bare fruits. The seeds we plant for example could be to be a more tolerant human being, helping the less fortunate,etc. 

Decide What You Want Out Of Life. This is the typical routine for most people on this planet - - -go to work, then come home, then eat dinner, then go to sleep, and then wake up. In my opinion if you haven’t set out to live for something higher you are going to find your life-soul empty and frustrating. Being a founder of significant endeavor is going to sometimes feel like being buried alive in the desert so you better know what you really want from life.

Specify What You Want. If don’t specify and act on what you want from life. Life will give you anything. I write down the top five things that will make the greatest impact in my life. And I make sure everyday I keep working on it and achieving. Then ask yourself how badly do you want it and what price are you willing to pay? Walt Disney wanted Disneyland to be real so badly that he was willing to scrap an earlier version.

Never Stop Working On You. The thing about life is that things continue to change and things continue to stay the same so in order to always be benefiting from the changes you need to keep building the best you---you can be. For example pickup or read up on books on how to be a good parent, learn how to code, take public speaking lessons, teach yourself, etc. What I personally do is watch a lot of biographic videos of great people and bad people, high achievers and low achievers, etc. Just to learn.

Selfishness Is Not A Way To Live. No matter how you try to just focus on satisfying just your own needs and wants, the more miserable you become at least based on my observation. Why do you think rich people are constantly getting involve with charities apart for the tax incentive?


Learn To Listen With Both Side of Your Brain.
Listening is an activity that practically everyone can do but not everyone does it well or wants to do it well. Listening is not listening for the words. It is listening for tone, body language, etc  I would also recommend reading up on emotional intelligence if you aspire to be a great leader.                         

Write A Great Biography. If you haven't realized that life is like a book and that you and only you can decide the plot and ending, then it might be time to awake from your sleep. Question, when you read a great biographic story or bio-pic don’t you want the same significant story? Don’t you want to share with the world how you faced the odds and became a mufti-millionaire.

Happiness & Success Is A Choice. It really starts with a choice. If you never make the choice you will likely keep watching others achieve what they want from life.

Always Give Thanks For Everything. What are you thankful for? Somewhere in another part of the world is someone fighting just for a meal for a day. So if you have access to affordable food, roof over your head, good health, freedom, etc give thanks everyday and try not to complain.

Tell Them You Love & Appreciate Them. Those two key feelings are likely the most desired by almost every human in the world. But the thing about both though is that it’s not tell them. It’s show them your love and appreciation.

Initially Win Something & Avoid The Extremely Hard. One thing I realize is that successful people keep being successful because they have learned how to win and have built their confidence. Plus they stand in-between realistic goals while standing in stretch goals. So what I’m really saying, If your goals are hurting your overall well-being you might want to make adjustment. Is climbing mount Everest worth it if all you want to do is lose a few pounds?

Start Something For A Good Reason. If you are starting a business simply to make money, you are likely going to be in it for a short time and performing mediocrity. When building something to last you better have a higher reason for doing it. You better get some form of support from someone or something.

Get Out Of Your Skin Responsibly. One thing I have realized about people is their desire to be someone else. For example a clean shaved insurance agent occasionally wants to unleash the rabble side and let his beard grow like Santa clause’s beard. The good girl sometimes wants to play the bad girl. Being absolutely good , comfortable and doing the right thing for 365 days of the years is unhealthy.

Your Habits Will Make or Break You.  Really it will. If you like spending hundreds of dollars to wine & dine your wife or mistress or friends every weekend  chances you are a smart billionaire or have too much money to do math. My point is, habits are the cause of wealth, poverty, joy, misery, stress, good relationships, bad relationships, good health, or sickness,etc. So decide which habits are worth keeping.


Invest. I don’t know a lot of rich people who worked for other people, collected a 9 - 5 salary, and eventually end up a millionaire. A lot of time millionaires are business owners owing income producing appreciable asset. If you don’t have a lot of money,I would suggest setting some money to pay for quality inexpensive self-improvement classes online or offline. Or buy some inspirational audio-books like “Elon Musk Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future”. Basically invest in things that will appreciate yours or your families value.

Eagles Hangout With Eagles. It’s not like the famous, wealthy, are simply hanging out with people exactly identical to themselves. The Eagles of the world are hanging out with the best people in different fields. So if you really want to breakout from mediocrity you will have to find ways to increase the number of winners influencers.

Be Straight With Yourself & Others. Sometimes you’ve got to sit yourself down and tell yourself you need to stop doing one thing and start something else. Be straight with others as well. Basically what I’m saying is face reality while dreaming, and acting on a better future.

Network, Quality Network,Help Others. Being a founder that networks is not about meeting someone and then immediately adding them to your LinkedIn connection. It’s taking the time to connect on a personal level. The 500+ numbers are useless if those LinkedIn connections ignore your LinkedIn messages. And remember, help others get what they want and you will likely get what you want.

Be Creating Value Not Just Consuming.It is always much easier to consume other people’s creation however I think creating a significant value is way thrilling.If you keep creating value for your customers/clients you will keep generating cash, opportunities, wealth and attracting success. Simply working 9 - 5 for a salary and then spending for only consumption  is fucking slavery.

Your Shit Does Stink Sometimes. Don’t always think you are always right or that your ideas are Gods gift to mankind.keep learning and unlearning. Keep reading. Keep engaging.Keep creating.Avoid being ignorant, arrogant and complacent.

Adopt Universal Values. Humanity is gradually breaking away from their traditional tribalism institutions like religion, nationality, cultural values because we are becoming a global village. More and more businesses are operating on a global stage so only indirectly or directly forcing people to adopt universal values. Plus there’s a lot more diversity.

There Will be Dark Moments. I don’t know any successful person whose path was paved with gold from start to end. Any constructive dream worth fighting for will demand and test you in many ways. And it will be up to you to pivot, give-up, or start-over. Think of Elon Musk’s effort to get Space X going.

Become A Better Story Teller. Everyone of all ages is still addicted to stories. A good story is like candy for the brain. If you can share good stories in your presentation, pitches, blog, youtube video however do well or don’t do it at all.

When Something Is Not Working, Check Persistence. Persistence is great. Persistence in the wrong situation is just asking to be disappointed. Honestly you can work harder than a billion people and still not even scratch the millionaire mark in four life times. When a seed you planted a year ago is still not sprouting you can keep watering it, replant it , or you can check if you used the right seed or maybe worst you planted it in the wrong environment. What I’m saying is that super-achievers never give up the key objective however willing to try different paths.

Testing & Prototyping. Nothing sucks more than spending hours and months on developing a fitness app only to find out no one wants it. In a globalized world, you just can’t afford not to test the validity of your concept.

Your thoughts & Emotions Are Your Responsibility. This is also likely to apply to mental health management. Your founder / entrepreneur journey should be a pleasure not a heartache. So walk away from it occasionally and take up other interest like dancing.

Managing Feelings. Your feelings are yours.And if someone tells you to not feel this way or that, then you have to pause. Because at the end of the day what you feel each hour of the day and night is a choice. You can choose to be miserable or hopeful. You can feel joyful,powerful, successful,etc.

Be Aware of The Haters. As you continue to succeed in life, there will be some that will hate you because of your success. And some will do anything to shit on your parade just because they hate to see you happy. Better develop a thick skin and means for shutting them out of your life. Most cases they have issues.

A Time For Patience & Time For Initiative. This is something I don’t think can be taught. Your instinct and brain need to figure out whether it’s best to just patiently wait or crank up the urgency. It’s almost like a Quarterback in the NFL. Some things you will have to figure out in real time.

Put Founder Reputation On the Line. A founder(s) that can’t put their voice, character, name, presence on the line of failure or success or humiliation should not be a Founder of anything. Sometimes the best way to gain traction and success for your startup is to make yourself visible to your target and potential employees and investors.  Become an expert through your website, blog, articles,…share testimonials, any credible references, ways people are able reach you, etc

Communicate Directly & Indirectly. Extending the previous point, I would add communicating well directly and indirectly. If you can share good content, podcast, video,images, that conveys to people a little of your personality, your team, expertise,your pain or a pain your customer has, etc

Organize An Event, Volunteer or Attend Events. One of the fastest way to start building momentum for more and more achievement is to attend events.At the end of the day people buy from people.Or consider teaching at an event. Or join a mastermind group.

Avoid Comparing Your Life And Being Envious. No two lives journeys are ever the exact same so you have to avoid comparing a founders success to your level of success. Her success is hers. And your triumph over adversity is yours and not someone else.

Conquer Your Fears. Fear can be a prison or can be leveraged for personal growth. The creation of fear in our minds is really depending on how one is shaping things in their minds. You must learn to move forward in the face of it.

Past Reflected On. You past is your past. And pretty much all you can do is not dwell on it, repeat mistakes, or worry too much about it. Life goes on with or without you.

Quick Riches Are Fantasies. Whenever any investor, co-founder, or other person promises you quick riches that’s the time to hang on tight to your money.- - -the fact of life is that they are no quick ways to richness or millionaire status. It’s daily grind or get out of the way.

Free Speech Is Not Free. Technically you can rant about anything in this world, in some parts, and live to see your likes grow on facebook. However the fact remains as a founder and likely representative of a diverse work force it is best to think before you open your personal mouth or your business mouth.


Risk For Risk Sake. Taking risk for the hell of it is thrilling to a point and yet truly stupid.If you want sustainable wealth,freedom, enjoyment you better figure out a way to educate yourself of likelihood of failure and success then do everything in your power to change the odds.

Changing Something. We all have something about ourselves that we’d like to change. I think the best way is change for the better is change the things you can change and others learn to love your uniqueness.

Caring Too Much What People Think. You can’t be a leader, the best, a founder if you’re constantly looking over your shoulders to gauge what people think of you, etc. You have developed your core values, core persona and core philosophy and just simply live your life. Seek advice from trusted people but remember must people are too busy thinking about themselves.

Always Come From a Grounded Place. When you stay grounded and humble you will find that people will naturally start being attracted to you. Having great energy and a great attitude will give you the personal power that you want and need to succeed in anything. Become a winner of good character and you will attract like-minded winners.

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