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How Founders Can Help Create A Collective Community - Founders Under 40™ Group Sponsor

Everywhere you go in the world it seems like in times of disaster is when you see a lot more unselfish goodness. For example, the event in Las Vegas brought out the goodness in a lot of people. People giving others a ride to the hospital, people accepting strangers to sleep in their homes because some out of town people had no where else to go. People getting water, food, blankets, for the greater good of all.

It Would Be Good for you, I, and society If there were processes, advice, incentive that encourage that generous-unselfish behavior 24/7  for 365 days. So like always did some research. The fact remains your ability to survive in this world is still dependent on other humans especially during disasters. We need others such as trained doctors, security, firemen and fire-women, nurses, friends, family, good strangers, good government, water technicians, farmers, utility providers, communication, transportation, etc to assist us all.

Fortunately and Unfortunately we are in need of a constructive-inclusive community more now than ever because humanity and it’s civilizations are under threat by many things.

"We studied more than 130 cities, towns and villages in Tohoku, looking at factors such as exposure to the ocean, seawall height, tsunami height, voting patterns, demographics, and social capital. We found that municipalities which had higher levels of trust and interaction had lower mortality levels
after we controlled for all of those confounding factors. The kind of social tie that mattered here was horizontal, between town residents. It was a surprising finding given that Japan has spent a tremendous amount of money on physical infrastructure such as seawalls, but invested very little in building social ties and cohesion.” - - - Source unknown



  • It's a lot harder to serve others when you have destructive philosophy. So one needs to work on being a good and productive citizen not necessary perfect. I would start with some kind of spirituality.

  • Make effort everyday to build your quality social capital by getting out of your comfort zone ask people to grab coffee/tea. One thing I realize is the importance getting out of the shitty environments and into better environments.  If you have to fake it a little do it but remember to stick to universal values.

  • Read books from diverse perspective however align yourself with a universal constructive ideology.

  • You may not want people to judge you by your cloths, unfortunately people do so dress appropriately.  

  • Establish means, processes, resources that enable you to be self reliant in an emergency.

  • If possible work with neighbors, local leaders, councilors, mayors, elders, etc work with social organizations to continue to maintain a safe, productive, collective, inclusive community.

  • Be proactive about your needs, or educate / prepare yourself for possible scenarios like power outage, etc. It simply means get what you need before you need it.

  • Be a founder or leader who can rally people to solve problems constructively instead of waiting for assistance from the government.

  • Be a founder that truly leads by example when it comes to diversity because it starts with a daily conscious choice to make sure your company is not made up of homogeneous thinking.

  • Be of service to others who are disenfranchised by putting yourself in their shoes and figuring out what they need  or want.

  • Be a founder that’s not preying and exploiting vulnerable people.

  • Try to maintain your integrity and do not become a part of the problem in the community. Try to be the solution.

  • Always maintain your own physical and psychological well-being. Take care of yourself first so that you are strong to serve others.

  • Offer your skills or time to a non-profit organization. Red Cross is one.


  • Realize that when a group or community is just made of only weak ties, the community fails. It needs both weak and strong ties.

  • Make conscious effort to be involve in specific and diverse constructive community efforts. I attend lots of community events in diverse areas.

  • Always surround yourself with the right groups of influences that keeps you constructive and productive.

  • Be reasonable knowledgeable of relevant laws and issues.

  • Be able to Identify changes in the environment and predicting future trends which may affect people’s needs. For example so people think global warming is real so figure out what people would need to live in a world of floods and messed up weather patterns.

  • You can boost interaction and trust by organizing community sports days, parties,block parties, religious festivals, volunteer opportunities, and other community events that build trust and reciprocity.

  • Communities can increase volunteerism rates by rewarding people who volunteer their time and providing concrete benefits for their service.

  • Show yourself and others how to initiate, launch and establish projects, managing them from the initial set-up and to completion, and how to pivot.

  • Be very careful of clinging to tribalism communities or associations because you may end up developing a “Us versus Them” mentality. In some rare cases be in a cult. So diversify your exposure.



1. Listen to radio or television or weather apps for the latest information.
2. Plan and practice an evacuation route. This plan should include information on
the safest routes to shelters, roads in and out of the vicinity may be blocked, so pick
more than one evacuation route.
3.. Know the location of the nearest hospital or health post.
4. Agree on a regrouping point in a safe area and make sure this is known to all individual

Make sure you have the following emergency equipment in store:

• flashlight and extra batteries
• handset (cell) and extra batteries
• first aid kit and manual
• emergency food and water
• essential medicines
• basic tools (spade, axe, rope, nails, hammer etc.)
• maps of the area
• identification


Low income
High income
Unfavorably Currency Value
Debt / Collections

Immigration  and migration 
Crop planting season
Drug trafficking
Human smuggling  
Vehicle accidents
Domestic violence  
Harvest time
Rainfall period

Flu, coughs, colds
Stomach illness (vomiting, diarrhea)
Water-borne disease (fungi, sores)
Head lice  

Forest fire 
Agricultural fire
Temperature (high-low)

Chemical / Biological

As communities around the world face disasters and crisis  more and more frequently, I hope founders can be a part of the solution. I'm reaching out to founders to let's work together, join Founders Under 40 Group or other founders/entrepreneur community that are serving the well being of diverse communities.

Please get involve with your local RED CROSS somehow if you can or any charity that serves a diverse community.

***For your financial and physical safety pickup this eBook: "How Founders Can Stay Safe Financially & Physically". 

***Also please add your tips about building a better community or a community initiative that's working. BEST

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