Thursday, April 26, 2018

We All Need A Supportive Founders_Entrepreneur Community To Support Us

As human’s we know the importance of belonging and we know the importance of support from our communities, friend, and family members. The reality is that there are just very few founders that sign up and get selected to get into TechStars or YCombinator, or any entrepreneurial community around the world. Which means the mechanism to create wealth is being concentrated in the hands of few. And with the growing technological changes there’s bound to be some people whose opportunities are not going to be attractive. That’s why founders need to be more supportive of each other to address the world issues and end the need for other humans oppressing/exploiting others just for capitalist purpose or for power. Every man, woman, and child should be free from exploitation and opression.

The current game is just not sustainable. There’s a growing amount of human helplessness happening around the globe. We have racism, inequality, climate change, technology change, commodity of blue and white collar workers, stress, corruption,  privacy and security issues., etc

I am very fortunate to be around founders everyday that when I hear stories of a founder who believes in their dreams but could use some help with network/connections, personal development, peer support, legal, money, advice and a none discriminatory / favoritism support, I knew that’s what Founders Under 40™ Group needs to stand for.

A founder shouldn’t feel they need to be a white male or minority or woman to get quality support and access to resources. It should be about encouraging the growth of everyone that wants to take that risk. And who ever develops further still gets some support. And if you are not able to develop further we make sure you are fully participating in the well being of the community.

I have observed many entrepreneurial entities, incubators, accelerator, and they do a great job in the ecosystem they reside. But as a whole, including teachers and parents, we sometimes are not doing enough to create a reasonable safety net so people can be bolder and collaborative in their risk taking endeavor. 

I don’t know what’s the perfect silver bullet to solve the world ills. Because there’s growing population that are not fully participating in the social and economic prosperity which may lead to severe disruption. The sense some population feel is that only the few are just getting better and better socially and economically. And there sometimes stupid, man made, systems that are barriers to success.

It might be a cultural thing or an environment thing. The next generation are eagerly trying to participate in a more cohesive, supportive, fair, social responsible, collaborative, less consumerism world rather than a competitive one. There’s just a growing frustration with the current game. More and more people are desiring more freedom for their lives

There’s growing post-graduates who have to face the reality of ever global-competitive-capilist-world and are starting to realize that only way to escape the possibility of marginalization Is to pursue entrepreneurship.  Women are not benefiting from the wealth creation unless they marry into it or start a great business. Not enough blacks are in the STEM field to help them get into the sexy lucrative world of Tech Startups. Some white male are asking why should they feel guilty for their success.

Where investors are throwing money at opportunities at most white-male/male ran businesses. . .everyone else will be lucky to get a crumb.

Rich and poor minority groups should find ways to build their own supportive ecosystems and wealth creations engine. If some organizations are not supporting the prosperity of your communities and for others reasons. . . maybe just boycott them. However we hope you join / help Founders Under 40 Group and help us build a supportive, cooperative community. 

Founders Under 40 Group wants to be able to support the growth of diverse founders and and can’t do it without founders support. We literately want to be like the best friend to founders around the world.

  • We know the daily grind

  • We know the hardship

  • We know the failures and successes

  • We know the dreams

  • We know the sacrifice

Help Yourself, Help Founders Locally & Globally, Help Your Commuiiity.
We are not a charity however we are open to support and advice from credible sources.
Contact Us or Email: Sandy Eira <info[at]> or
TWITTER:@fu40group or


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