Friday, May 4, 2018

Your Marketing Sucks/Not Working…You Might Want Go To Ground Zero

If the odds of succeeding in business are pretty high why not make sure to get your product, sales, marketing, and “why  factor“ . . .working for you. I never guarantee anyone or business that the solution to all their business ills is more marketing or better marketing. I think there’s a lot more reason why some businesses succeed and others end up dust in the wind.

Before I continue, I want you to feel free to bring me your business and marketing challenges. I will provide you a brief free consultation.  If our suggestion or advice are great, we also have an invaluable test drive package  or via BJ Mannyst that is easy and simple to try.    And if you want further help, we can talk further.  And if we can't help or our suggestions were useless, at least you had someone to bounce your problem at.

Whether it’s our founders community, Founders Under 40 Group, or our marketing service provider, BJ Mannyst, we strive for a WIN-WIN-WIN relationship. So don’t engage us to simply manage all your marketing without thought as to how you’d compensate us.

So let's checkout some of the tips. If you want more specific to your situation, then contact us

Key Questions To Ask Yourself or Your Team

Do you have a product or service that people need and cannot live without? People are constantly looking for solutions to problems. Whether the problem is small or big. It’s crucial to address a problem while being competent to solve it. The world is filled with commodity providers and finding that specials-ness is crucial.

Apart from you the owner who else is helping you with your marketing? Effective modern marketing is not a one man / one woman task. Every business owner or founder or enterprise needs a team to manage many aspect of it. And also to be effective and efficient you are going to need people who get the game of snapchat, twitter, yelp, chatbots, review sites like Yelp, etc.

There was a time when running a restaurant was so easy but with the internet if you don't address issues ASAP it can hit your buttom-line in less than an hour. I strongly recommed to find someone to help you. There’s just way more involved in modern sales and marketing management.

Do you have a good marketing plan? You need it around you or in an accessible areas in your office so you can remind yourself and your team what your brand stands for and what markets it targets. How does it communicate, etc.  Try to start with the Who, What, Where and How Much basics and gradually transition to something more sophisticated. Basically the 4Ps. But remember whats on paper might not translate well in reality. But you have something.

Are you spending and allocating the right amount of resources?  It is crucial to constantly be on top of your performance indicators  a.k.a  KPI. Are you under-spending? Are you overspending?  Do you realize that some effort will give you an intangible return not necessarily a monetary return, Are you seeing any benefit?

Have you thought about the processes? Everything in life has to go through a process before it becomes something. Before you end up in the washroom, you might have eating too much birthday cake. So have you thought about the processes and tools you will need to deliver on your promises? In an age of reviews you simply can’t leave it to chance. You've got to be good and great.

Are you reading and connecting with others? First of all, business is not something you want to go at alone. You’ve got to have damn contacts, experts, resources, young, old, new, around you so you can always get some perspective on yourself. Your marketing can simply be you being the face and voice.



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