Thursday, May 2, 2013

Awesome 16 B2B Branding Tips

When competition is fierce, you better invest time & money in your business brand, personality, employees, stationaries, values because if you don't there's always someone ready to eat your lunch. 

B2B branding tips:

1. Prospects are hesitant to do business with organizations or use services they are not aware of. 

2. Make sure the right people are on the bus representing your brand

3. Ask yourself are you the founder to lead?

4. Branding prepares prospects for buying decision. 

5. The more prospects are exposed to a brand, the greater chance they will buy.

6. The more they are aware of your service, they are interested and become engaged (Note: Engagement means different things and is measured differently). 

7. To some extent you can shape people's perceptions with marketing by appealing to: thoughts, feelings, experiences, images, perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes.

8. It's important to develop and nurture your own competitive advantages

9. Develop and stand by your values.

10. Imagine yourself in your prospects shoes, what info would ease their decision ...your logo, tagline, advertising, marketing communications, social media contributions, employees, founders, customer service, etc.

11. Be sure to define your business demographics and segments

12. Be where your targets hangout, and promote or engage appropriately, use the right words. 

13. Make sure your appearance appeals to your target.

14. Communicate your company’s positioning and core messages through your brand.

15. Have fun!

16. Don't be afraid to consult a brand manager or marketing service provider. It's an investment worth it if you play to WIN

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