Friday, February 14, 2014

Technology Alone Is Not The Answer To Your Marketing


Marketing and technology has never been so interdependent till the burst of the digital revolution. Everywhere you go technology dependence is at its highest. 

However businesses sometime forget the fundamentals that marketing is less about technology and a lot more about human nature.

“Marketers feel they are unable to maximize the value of their technology due to insufficient skills or a lack of appropriate partnerships or organizational structures,” 

So I came up with some suggestions and thoughts: 

  • l SMB businesses need to build their marketing operations around their customers and their core needs. It should be complimenting your marketing plans not the other way.
  • l Sure you think you need to mine for data and analyze it but how much data do you really need and which measurement are important to your business?
  • l Learn from other companies and how they use technology affectively but come up with systems that best work for your business.
  • l Think sustainable and think long term
  • l Think flexibility. Think ease of use.
  • l Decide your focus: Increasing your followers today or increase the quality of the experience
  • l Invest enough time into training

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