Sunday, February 16, 2014

Effective & Efficient Marketing For SMB


I believe I've said this many times. If your strength is not marketing, people, sales, business development then either learn it or get it.   Every time I see smb businesses trying to do something like marketing and spending all kinds of money & time that gets them zero return or mediocre branding or terrible marketing.  It personally upsets me.  

In a very competitive world , great marketing is very very hard. 


And for a start-up, SMB business it requires a lot of hard work and a lot of relentlessness.

Here are some of the tips BJ Mannyst shares with prospects  to help them get the most out of their marketing. 

Before anything

A few hours of planning can save you time and money. Take sometime to learn how people in the business you are trying to get in operate their business. Learn what it is consumers want and need. Figure out who else will you be competing with. How big is the market. What is buying process?  So plan and educate yourself as much as possible.

What do you want to accomplish

- Through your planning and education you should begin to see what exactly you want.  So set objectives as to what tools or help you’ll need and what returns could I get. So figure out tools (business cards, website, social media, flyers, videos, events, influencers, advisers, seo, strategy, money, partners, store, distributors, etc.) that will work together to achieve your objectives.

Spend time networking

I’m not saying collecting cards and blasting email. I mean start building relationships.  Meet local and global smb business owners and make friends. 

Become an expert

Simply means if you are selling cigars you better try to know everything about cigars and convey it passionately.  Sure there are other cigar experts but you must find your own way  of differentiating yourself from the crowd.

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